A Step-by-Step Guide for Installing Military Grave Markers

When honoring the brave men and women who have served our country, it’s crucial to give them the respect and recognition they deserve, even after their passing. Military grave markers for veterans are a testament to their dedication, sacrifice, and valor. These markers serve as a reminder of their service, a way for future generations to remember the price they paid for our freedom. 

In this post, we will discuss the step-by-step process of installing a military grave marker. By understanding these steps, you can ensure that the memorial of your loved one is set up correctly, with the dignity and precision they deserve.

Selecting the Right Grave Marker

Starting off, picking the right marker is crucial. After all, it’s the first big step. Military grave markers for veterans have many looks and materials. You’ll see bronze, granite, and marble a lot. Why? Well, bronze lasts long and stands strong against weather. On the other hand, granite and marble have a classic charm. So, each choice has its own perks.

The design of the marker can range from simple, with just the name and service details, to more intricate designs that include symbols, emblems, or even engraved images that represent the branch of the military they served in. Before making a choice, it’s advisable to consult with family members and perhaps even fellow service members who know the deceased. This way, you can ensure that the marker not only meets the requirements of the cemetery but also appropriately honors the life and service of the veteran.

Acquiring the Necessary Approvals and Documentation

With respect to the final resting places of our dear departed, there are regulations and guidelines to be followed. For military grave markers for veterans, acquiring the necessary documentation to verify the deceased’s service is a critical step. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides grave markers at no charge for eligible veterans. To avail of this, one must submit a claim form, along with a copy of the veteran’s discharge papers, which typically show the type and length of service.

Once the application is approved, and you’ve received the marker, it’s equally important to check with the cemetery regarding any additional approvals or permits required for installation. Different cemeteries may have different regulations regarding size, material, and method of installation. So, it’s essential to be thorough in this step to avoid any potential hiccups down the road.

Proper Installation

The actual installation of military grave markers for veterans is a delicate task that requires precision and care. While some families opt to do this on their own, many choose to hire professionals to ensure the marker is installed correctly and securely.

First, measure the area where the marker will be placed to ensure it fits perfectly. Next, prepare the ground by clearing away any debris or grass. Depending on the type of marker, you might need a foundation, especially for upright markers. Foundations, often made of concrete, offer stability and prevent the marker from sinking over time.

Once the foundation is set and cured, the marker can be placed on top. For flat markers, this process might be simpler as they are usually set flush with the ground. However, for both types, it’s crucial to ensure the marker is level and secure to prevent any future shifting or tilting.

Maintenance and Upkeep

While installing the grave marker is a significant step, maintaining it is equally important. Over time, military grave markers for veterans can accumulate dirt, moss, or even bird droppings. Regular cleaning and upkeep ensure that the marker remains in pristine condition, paying respect to the veteran whose grave it marks.

It’s recommended to use mild soap and water to clean most grave markers. Harsh chemicals or abrasive brushes can damage the material, especially if it’s bronze or marble. Instead, opt for a soft cloth or a gentle brush. In case of stubborn stains, there are specialized cleaning solutions available that are safe for grave markers.

Besides cleaning, it’s essential to inspect the marker periodically. Check for any signs of wear, tilting, or sinking. If the grave marker starts to shift, it might require re-leveling or additional support. Get all details on https://www.nemfg.com/.

Adding Personal Touches

Even though the primary focus is on military service, it’s worth noting that each marker represents an individual with a unique story. Thus, adding personal touches can make the memorial more intimate and heartfelt. Some families choose to add flowers, flags, or even small mementos that symbolize the veteran’s personal life and passions.

However, when adding these touches, it’s crucial to ensure they don’t overshadow the marker’s primary intent – honoring the veteran’s service. Always make sure these additions are tasteful and align with the cemetery’s regulations.

Respect and Etiquette

Lastly, while it might seem implicit, it’s worth reiterating the importance of maintaining respect and etiquette when visiting a grave site. Military grave markers for veterans represent not just the individual but the broader community of brave men and women who’ve served. When visiting, keep voices low, avoid littering, and ensure that any children understand the significance of the place.

When walking through the cemetery, you might spot a veteran’s marker that looks worn out or neglected. If you do, please reach out to the cemetery staff. Or, you could even step in and clean it up yourself. After all, every marker represents a hero. By caring for it, we show respect to all veterans. This holds true whether we know them in person or not.


Installing and maintaining military grave markers for veterans is more than just a task; it’s a way of paying respect, showing gratitude, and ensuring the memories of our brave service members live on. Every step, from selection to installation and maintenance, requires attention to detail and a heart full of reverence. As we walk through cemeteries and come across these markers, let’s remember the stories they represent and the sacrifices made for our freedom. 

By following the steps and guidelines shared in this guide, you can be certain that the tribute you set for your loved one is fitting, lasting, and worthy of their service.

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