Installing a military grave marker: A quick guide

Are you looking for a way to show your patriotism and honor your fallen loved ones? One great way to do this is by installing a military grave marker. While it may seem like a daunting task, we assure you that it is quite simple – especially with our handy guide! Just follow the steps below and you’ll have it done in no time.

How to install a military grave marker step by step

Step 1: Find the perfect spot for the military grave marker

Finding the optimal location for a military grave marker can be an overwhelming task. Especially if it’s your first time attempting to fill such a meaningful and delicate role in honoring the fallen. 

Fortunately, there are guidelines that military families should follow when placing a military veteran or military spouse’s grave marker. This offers the assurance of an acceptable result, along that the markers will remain standing when times are changing. 

Consider factors like burial site visibility and maintainability, group symbolism, and placement of flags. All those factors will make sure that the memory of your military loved one will live on for years to come.

Step 2: Once you’ve found the spot, you will need to dig a hole at least two feet deep 

Digging the hole for a military grave marker is no small task. But, with a little elbow grease and a lot of dedication, you will soon be ready to plant your honorable headstone.

Armed with the right tools, you can complete this mission in no time. But remember: the preparedness and accuracy of your digging are essential and require precise attention, especially with measurements. So before you get your knees deep in the dirt, make sure that your hole is at least two feet deep!

Step 3: Create the foundation for the marker

Now is the time for some concrete mixing! This part may get a bit messy, but never fear! Just put on your favorite old clothes and mix that concrete and water in the wheelbarrow. Make sure to mix it up nicely, so that the marker stands strong and proud throughout time.

Step 4: Place the grave marker in the hole and fill it with dirt or gravel

Once the concrete has dried, place the military grave marker in the hole and offer it a bed of dirt or gravel. Not only will your soldier appreciate the nice gesture, but you’ll also be honoring them with a final resting place that befits their duty and service to our country. 

Step 5: Personalize the military grave marker by adding a flag or flowers

For those who want to put a personal touch on military spouse grave markers, adding a flag or flowers could be a good option. That is an easy way to create an extra special and meaningful tribute. Simply show off your (or their) military allegiance, favorite color, or whether they loved the smell of freshly-cut flowers. 

Tips to keep in mind when installing a military grave marker

Research the different types of military grave markers available 

There are several different types of military gravestones, such as flat bronze or granite markers and even military spouse grave markers. These can feature the insignia, rank, and decorations earned from military services, such as the Purple Heart Medal or Good Conduct Medal. Each option offers a lasting tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their beloved country.

Choose the style of grave marker and material that is right for you 

When selecting the right military grave marker, there are so many factors to consider. With a variety of markers available, you can pick one that speaks to your heart while providing a fitting tribute to the life and legacy of your loved one. 

Quality materials and lasting impressions are important when it comes to military grave markers. So, select one that is befitting for someone who devoted their life to serving our country. Take the time during this emotional process to choose a style and material that honors the memory of your military family member and expresses exactly how you feel.

Be sure to get the proper permits if required

When installing a permanent military grave marker, make sure to do it according to the law. Before the installation, you need to check if you require any permits or other authorization from relevant state or local authorities. Otherwise, even your most honorable act can end up in an unnecessary tangle.

Maintain the military grave marker so it will last for years to come

Keeping military familiars’ or military spouses’ grave markers in good condition is an important job. That’s not just for historical preservation, but also to honor those who were bravely committed to military service. 

These grave markers may look impervious with their heavy stone odes to proud military service. However, they need regular maintenance to stay looking timeless and proud. Doing some periodic cleaning with a soft cloth or brush will keep these grave markers shining in the years to come. It’s like giving a hug from you to your veteran every time you keep it clean! Also, check our blog post that guides you on how you can teach your children to honor veterans. 


After reading this post, I’m sure you feel a bit of pressure has been lifted off your shoulders. Installing a military grave marker is no small task. But, with some basic knowledge of the tools and materials needed as well as preparation and patience, it can become much simpler. 

Ironically, erecting a military grave marker is not all that different from raising arms in salute to those who have served our country. It just will require strength and devotion. Simply put: if you’ve made it through installing a military grave marker safely and correctly, you should be proud of the accomplishment! 

Now grab yourself a glass of something refreshing for victory, sit back, and appreciate your work. You’ll be pleased knowing that you have provided an appropriate and dignified resting place for someone who sacrificed so much for us all.

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